Thank you for joining me on this great adventure!  The blogosphere is SO BIG!  I am going to take a crack at this and see where I land.  A quick note about me, over the course of the last few years and after working for over 20 years, I am so happy to call myself a stay at home Mama.  The title I now prefer is CEO of the Morse Household.  😉  Technically, my husband of 16 years is the finance guy, but I like to think I run the place.  Any who, our life is crazy, busy, and one that I absolutely love.  My plan is to open up my diary, spill the beans on our real life, make some DIY projects, share travel tips to our beautiful town, Frankenmuth and eventually sell some of my quirky stationary & art prints.  Put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee or Diet Coke (my Fave) and enjoy a bit of our sunshine here at The Morse Haus.